In GIM Lab, we examine how individuals’ motivation and cognition are shaped, or biased, by environmental factors, including rewards, social comparison, and organizational decisions, employing a multi-method approach with field studies, laboratory experiments, and archival data.

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Julia Hur is an Assistant Professor at NYU, NYU Shanghai, and NYU Stern School of Business. She is the PI of GIM Lab.
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Current Members

Xuhang (Shawn) Fan will graduate from Zhejiang University and go to take MA Economics program in Duke University. He is a scholarship winner and was given the title of outstanding graduates. His research interests are decision bias, organizations and experiments. His former experience as a independent researcher enables him to explore deeper in topics like gender and sterotype. Besides, he is also good at statistical tests, regression and online experiments coding. Shawns plans to apply for a PhD program in business.
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Elaine Young is a current undergraduate student at NYUSH, seeking a double major in economics and social science (psychology). Her research interest is decision-making, especially in the field of marketing and management. She hopes to pursue a PhD in the future academic career. Outside of the lab, she enjoys reading and traveling around the world.
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Ruoming (Hattey) Sun is an undergraduate at NYU Shanghai from class of 2024. With a great passion for psychology, she plans to double major in Social Science and Data Science, both following the track of psychology. Her specific research interest is social and organizational psychology.
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Zixuan (Chris) Lao is a first-year MS student of the University of Pennsynvania and previously graduated from University of Toronto. He is interested in the field of social psychology and is passionate about investigating how people's behaviors and thoughts can alter in different contexts. He is also looking for ways to integrate psychology into modern business industries.
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Tian Jin just graduated from NYU Shanghai with a double major in Data Science and Interactive Media Arts, and will take her M.S in Information Systems at Cornell (Tech) University. She fosters an interdisciplinary research interest in a variety of fields like Natural Language Processing, Virtual Reality and Econometrics during her undergrad. She is also into human-computer interaction and photography.
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Hello, My name is Khloe Jargalsaikhan, a junior at NYUSH, class of 2025, majoring in Business and Finance and Social Science. My main research interest is decision-making and management.
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Arya Li is a rising junior majoring in social science (psychology track) at NYUSH. She takes psychology as her angle of understanding the world. Social psychology, ranging from emotion, decision -making, to gender as well as culture, would be her research interest.
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  • Jun (Jack) Lin (Stanford GSB, PhD)
  • Linhui Wu (University of Minnesota, PhD)
  • Letian Kong (CUHK, PhD)
  • Yumeng (Skyler) Chen (UC Berkeley, PhD)
  • Ming Xian (MIT, MA)
  • Sylvia Wu (London Business School, MA)
  • Yixiao Han (Johns Hopkins - Tsinghua, Dual MA)
  • Kristall Qiu (Georgetown U, MA)
  • Shirley Zhang (INSEAD, MA)
  • Eva Hu (NUS, MA)
  • Qichuan Zhou (University of Michigan, MA)
  • Jerry Liu (NYU Stern/ Shanghai, MA)
  • Ruiqi Xue (Columbia U, MA)


  • Ethan Lan (Visa)
  • Alger Lin (KPMG)
  • Jess Wang (PwC)
  • Cynthia Zhou (ByteDance)
  • Jingjing Huang (Ctrip/
  • Justin Goldman (Cushman & Wakefield)
  • Shanshan Hu (NYU)
  • Xu Han (Amazon)
  • Daiana Chen (Santander Bank)
  • Larry Li (Generation Lab)

Research Opportunities

Interested in research? We welcome applications from undergraduate and Master's students to come work with us! We are looking for hard-working and sociable research assistants. Please email the GIM lab PI, Julia Hur ( to see if there is any available opportunity. Please send your resume or CV in your email.